Goals, motivation, and progress: The road to 350.

January is seeing some slow but steady progress on my goal of 350 painted miniatures this year. I’ve prepped a bunch of Ground Zero Games old school 25mm Star Grunt minis and started painting a squad while waiting for some 6mm Battletech minis to dry between paints and washes. I’m batch painting both projects so it’ll add up to about 15 miniatures done for the week, which is a good start to the year!

Ground Zero Games 25mm Star Grunt figures getting primed
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Sound of the Guns. Nuts! Blood on the Risers Solo mission.

As my ragtag platoon advances towards Saint Mere Eglise it comes upon a cluster of houses that is clearly being used to garrison some Jerry’s. We need to clear out these houses so we’re not leaving enemies to our rear when we get to Saint Mere Eglise. As we ready our assault we run into a lieutenant an eight more paratroopers. We split into three squads and advance to secure what will be our Northern flank.

My character, a .30 cal team and an assistant charge around the corner of a hedge, surprising the crew of a Pak 38. They don’t even have time to raise their rifles and a grenade and a hail of gunfire tears them apart.

The rest of the men advance towards two other buildings, grenades at the ready. It worked well last time, enough high explosives seems to calm any German down. Unfortunately the dice have us sitting still for two turns, not good in a game with a 12 turn limit. The PEFs move (a second one being generated by activation dice) but no Germans see us yet.

Turns four, five, six, and seven see me bogged down by a cluster of enemies in the center of the table. A two man anti-tank team armed with assault rifles knocks two men out and pins down my other machine gun for the rest of the game, even after they’re finished off with grenades. An HQ squad in the center survives multiple machine gun burst and grenades by hiding out in a barn and an MG42 team is finally killed by point blank fire after surviving three turns of withering fire and grenades. It’s a good thing I found so many gammon bombs last game.

A panzerfaust team pops up behind my men (I forgot to resolve a building I needed to clear out) but is quickly suppressed by my .30 cal and picked off on turn eight. Unfortunately on turns eight and nine only my character and his squad get to go, but it’s enough to round the corner and take out the remaining MG42 team. Four rounds have passed since the Germans have activated, machine guns and grenades have kept them ‘ducked back’ the whole time to boot.

As the game comes down to the wire a scout squad appears near the last building that needs to be cleared. My character comes into line of sight, another assault rifle armed ant-tank team appears and I win the In Sight Test but fail to do anything but suppress them with machine gun fire.

The scout team sneaks up to the front of he building and tosses two grenades in. Or tries to at least, one guy drops his grenade and the scout squad dives for cover barely escaping the blast. The grenade kills both Germans on turn 11 winning me the scenario just in the nick of time.

My two Out Of Action men seem to have just flesh wounds and were carried off the field by their buddies. The Lieutenant and his squad are folded into my platoon. We gather some replacement weapons for our unarmed men and continue on towards our objective: Saint Mere Eglise!

Several of my men at this point are carrying captured weapons. There doesn’t seem to be any rules for this though. Following the spirit of the scenarios my men aren’t going back and scouring the battlefield for loot, we have an objective to achieve and we need to press forward. As scenario 1 ended my squad had just killed a machine gun nest and a load of AAA crew so I scavenged the MG42, MP40 and a couple of KAR 98’s for my unarmed men. At the end of this scenario my squads are next to several men and grab assault rifles for the last unarmed men. I have decided that once these men roll Out of Ammo results that the scavenged weapons will be useless, either truly out of ammo or damaged or fouled beyond immediate repair.

I’m starting to get the hang of the game. The charts and tests are intuitive after a while. I know I’ve messed up several things in the past like wound checks and the Outgunned mechanic but game play is starting to flow well now. I think my next step is to actually use the squad rosters and maybe add some traits to my men.

GZG 25mm Neu Swabian League, WIP Wednesday!

I have a decent sized collection of unpainted Ground Zero Games 25mm Stargrunt figures that I’m planning on using in both Tomorrow’s War and 5150 Star Army from Two Hour Wargames. My plan is to use them to fight out both the first and second Glory War, pitting the DPRG against the combined force of the US Marines and the Republic of Arden.

GZG’s Neu Swabian League’s troops in their hard armor, enclosed helmets, gyro-stabilized SAWs and energy weapons fit well into my vision for the US Marines. They looks tougher than the ESU troops but still just behind the cutting edge like the Marines are described.

The platoon ready to get sealed and a wash applied tomorrow
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Thunder and Flash! Nuts! Solo campaign.

One of the reasons I wanted to learn Two Hour Wargames’ system of rules was to play co-op games with my friend Murph. The stars aligned and Murph came down to play a game and catch up, so I picked up the Nuts! campaign Blood on the Risers campaign so we would have something a little more structured than the random learning games I’ve been playing solo. We played through the first scenario and I replayed it again at night.

The campaign begins with my lone lieutenant parachuting into Normandy in the middle of the night on D-Day. A AAA battery and three PEFs are deployed to the table. As my character searches the fields for some equipment bundles the PEFs move on up towards me.

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Nuts! Round 2. Solo Wargaming

Game number 2 has my platoon of US Airborne defending a farmhouse from an impending attack by the Germans. I set up my forces, generated the PEFs and started the game.

Not wanting to leave the cover of my stone walls and ruined buildings I waited for the Germans to advance, only shifting one .30 cal team to my right since two PEFs appeared in the woods. As the closest PEF moves into view it resolves into three armored vehicles! Since I have only one platoon with one bazooka I decide that they will appear as three half-tracks, sent in support of the advancing troops. It doesn’t make any sense that they would appear in the middle of the board, so I have them enter the board at the roads to my north.

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2020’s Hobby Goals, or: The Road to 350 Redux.

I wrapped up my 2019 goals just in time, breaking the 350 mark in December. I thought I would blow through it and raise my goal for 2020 but I think 350 is fairly easy to achieve, I painted somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 miniatures and about two dozen vehicles if you count the two commissions I was working on, but I won’t be increase it.

A portion of the Closet of Shame…

So what will my main projects be for 2020? Eisenkern, Terminator Genisys, Kobolds, old school 25mm sci-fi, and Battletech. I’m certain I’ll mix in some D&D, Zombies (both modern and WWII) and hopefully some 15mm stompy robots to mix it up a little bit.

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Studio Miniatures Die Verdammten (Nazi Zombies)

One of my 2019 projects was to paint up a bunch of Nazi Zombies for our yearly Weird War II game at Council of Five Nations. I picked up a couple boxes of Studio Miniatures Die Verdammten, plastic Nazi Zombies. At the time they had a bundle that included two twenty zombie boxes, some alternate metal heads and a metal Nazi officer mini. I was excited to have cheap ‘multi-pose’ plastic miniatures so I could fill the table without breaking the bank.

While they’re technically multi-pose there is only two bodies, one alternate head and three sets of arms per sprue, so the actual range of poses is limited. I used the alternate heads and left over bits from my Warlord figures to increase the variety. The Warlord figure were also very usefully for using up the left over arm and head bits from the Zombie sprues, leaving little waste and ‘fleshing’ out the horde.

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Wrapping up my first 350! 2019 painting in review.

2019 is almost done and I haven’t blogged since the beginning of the year! I set out in January with a goal of painting 350 28mm miniature figures, with my major projects being a WWII Soviet army, Terminator Genisys miniatures and a mix of zombies including some Nazi Zombies for a convention game in my hometown I attend every October. I never got to the Soviets, as a matter o fact I’m trying to sell them off since I don’t think I want to do the Warlord Games plastics, they’re too fiddly and the weapons are too prone to breaking. and I didn’t do nearly as much as I thought I would of the other tree. I wound up only getting 16 Nazi zombies and 8 modern zombies done, and only 28 of the Genisys miniatures completed. Considering how easy the Terminators are to paint that’s a pitiful amount.

I took on two commissions from friends, one a continuation for Murph of his German WWII army and another from a new player at the club just south of me for another German WWII army. It helped fund some hobby purchases and is part of the reason I got so many of my own Germans done this year but it did cut into my painting time, I was worried I wasn’t going to make my goal but I picked up speed as fall hit and the convention stuff was done.

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The road to 350

2018 was a slow year for me. Between finishing up a degree, having a baby and starting a new job miniatures and gaming took a back seat. 2019 is upon us, the baby is almost a year old and I’m settling into the new job pretty well. I started thinking about what I want to get accomplished this year and decided to set myself a goal. 350 miniatures painted by the end of the year.  This sounds lofty, but there are several reasons I think I can get this done.

  • On a normal week of painting a couple hours a night for 2-3 nights I can usually get done about 10 figures if it’s batch painting uniforms, 6-8 if they’re individual characters.
  • My main project of the year is a Soviet WWII army. This will require me to paint over 100 soldiers, which I’m going to use ‘The Dip’ method on to speed up the process.
  • The other project I’m working on this year is the Terminator Genisys game. I have a little over 60 Terminators, which are easy as pie to paint up by the dozen since they’re simply prime black, drybrush gunmetal, wash, drybrush silver, paint eyes and the plasma gun. The resistance is almost as easy since I’m sticking to batches of 16 figures with a simple camo pattern (it’s the future, I can make it up!) and armor. The sculpts are pretty basic but well done so they should paint up pretty quickly. My guess is once I get going it’ll be 8 resistance and 8-16 Terminators a week.
  • I have two batches of zombies and one batch of Nazi zombies to finish up. This totals about 50 figures  and most of the zombies are simply going to get basecoated, dip’ed and then a simple highlight. They’re zombies, they’re dirty, and they’re meant to die by the bushel load.

These three projects account for roughly 250 of my 350 goal. The rest will consist of D&D minis, finishing up the German and US WWII armies I have, finishing up some German minis for a friend and a whole bunch of 6mm stuff I dug out of storage when my Ogre Minis II pledge showed up.

The second part of my New Years pledge is to not buy hundreds of minis this year. I’ve made several allowances if the prices are right. For years I’ve been drooling over two lines of minis. I missed out on the Starship Troopers game when it first came out and Dreamforge games makes a line of Eisenkern minis that I like. I have some of each already now and keep looking out for good prices. I still need some vehicles for my Soviet army, and if Warlord runs another sale after my raise comes in I will grab a couple vehicles. I already have enough to paint for this year though.

The year has started well, it’s the last week in January and already I have almost 60 minis finished for Terminator and another couple dozen random minis that were assembled and primed so I could clean of the paint desk.