Knocking down the pile of shame…

We’ve all got one. Some are bigger than others, some are older than others. Mine is relatively small. I started collecting and painting minis about seven years ago at this point, selling off a bunch of RPG books in anticipation of a move gave me some extra cash and I got into 15mm sci-fi. The pile of shame started on day one, I still have some Combat Wombat vehicles that need to be finished!

The pandemic has ramped up my painting output dramatically, being home all day and night gives me little bits of time throughout the work day to slap down some paint or assemble while my computer is chugging away rendering images. It also gives me a lot of time to browse miniature stores and order stuff unfortunately. As we’re getting ready for another move hopefully within the next six months I have been going through my collections and selling off more stuff and deciding what to keep, and it’s time to start painting the old stuff!

All that would fit in one photo…
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15mm GZG Colonial Defense Force review and painting.

Ground Zero Games makes a well fleshed out 15mm line of Colonial Defense Force troops including heavy weapons and both helmeted and soft capped versions of most sculpts. Lightly armored and armed with basic weapons these will fill the role of backwater or reserve troops fantastically.

The line includes the standard packs of riflemen, SAWs, snipers and shoulder fired rockets, command and coms, and several heavy weapons with generic crews that could be swapped into any of the other heavy weapons GZG makes. There are also figures with smaller assault weapons and shotguns, suitable for close quarters combat, horse mounted scouts, and a motorcycle mounted trooper.

Local defense troops set up a roadblock.
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