Progress for the ACTUAL week of April 5th…

Somehow I can’t read a calendar and labeled last week’s post wrong… THIS week of April 5th saw me shake off the hobby ADD I started the month with. I finished off one project, three test pieces for Blood and Plunder and continues to expand my 6mm forces.

Late last year I bought a large collection of Dreamforge Games Eisenkern soldiers. Half of them were assembled well enough but not even primed, the other half were on sprues still. I gathered a platoons worth of assembled figures, fixing a couple of them or adding bits, and started painting them up in a simple ‘Space Germans’ scheme. I had one squad left, plus the command element, to finish my first platoon. There’s enough figures left to eventually paint up a full three platoon company plus support weapons, powered armor and a battlemech if I want to continue.

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This week’s progress: March 22nd

The week of March 22nd saw me finish up two different projects sitting around and making progress on a third. Well I’m almost done, I ran out of AK Interactive Ultra Matte and waiting on a back order to be filled.

I finished off the metal Combine Ogre minis from Steve Jackson Games. The last of the missile tanks are waiting for the Ultra Matte to come in, whenever that is. Now I need to get cracking on all the plastic minis I have from the Kickstarers. But first I’ll need more bases from Litko.

I had a lot of these, it’s a good thing they don’t suck.
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Dipping into 6mm SciFi

I’ve been tackling a lot of 25mm Sci-Fi figures after doing a lot 28mm WWII Germans, so I felt the need for a palette cleanser. I knocked out some 28mm-ish farm animals to use as objectives in viking raids and moved onto some piles of 6mm Sci-Fi units, some of which I’ve had for decades.

Years ago I picked up the last Steve Jackson Games OGRE designers edition that my FLGS had. I liked the game, played some with my kids before they lost interest and then put it away. Later on when the minis Kickstarters were launched I pledged for the base sets, which still amounts to hundreds and hundreds of plastic minis to assemble and paint. At the same time I picked up a couple of batches of the metal Combine minis to tide me over until Steve Jackson Games gets around to Kickstarting them. I also have an odd assortment of stuff I bought in the 90’s when I thought I was going to play Dirtside, a mix of Battletech, GZG 6mm, Renegade Legion, etc…

It just sits up there, lonely and forgotten…
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Last weeks progress, week of March 15th

Last week, the week of the 15th, was rough. In preparation of what turned into a total lockdown here in NY my wife and I started to transition to working from home. We set up work stations, decided to pull the 2 year old out of daycare and tried to get a routine set up. I carved a spot out in the basement, moved everything around and got to trying to work.

On the modeling front I didn’t get a whole lot finished. I prepped a bunch of 6mm sci-fi stuff, mostly old metal OGRE minis and some Bradley Miniatures I got from Alternative Armies. These guys will be the OpFor for the plastic OGRE minis I still need to order some more glue to finish assembling. Its just a simple brown desert paint job with green unit markings and some greebles picked out in grey and red.

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