Wrapping up my first 350! 2019 painting in review.

2019 is almost done and I haven’t blogged since the beginning of the year! I set out in January with a goal of painting 350 28mm miniature figures, with my major projects being a WWII Soviet army, Terminator Genisys miniatures and a mix of zombies including some Nazi Zombies for a convention game in my hometown I attend every October. I never got to the Soviets, as a matter o fact I’m trying to sell them off since I don’t think I want to do the Warlord Games plastics, they’re too fiddly and the weapons are too prone to breaking. and I didn’t do nearly as much as I thought I would of the other tree. I wound up only getting 16 Nazi zombies and 8 modern zombies done, and only 28 of the Genisys miniatures completed. Considering how easy the Terminators are to paint that’s a pitiful amount.

I took on two commissions from friends, one a continuation for Murph of his German WWII army and another from a new player at the club just south of me for another German WWII army. It helped fund some hobby purchases and is part of the reason I got so many of my own Germans done this year but it did cut into my painting time, I was worried I wasn’t going to make my goal but I picked up speed as fall hit and the convention stuff was done.

So what DID I get done? WWII got a lot of attention this year, despite the Ruskies getting no love. I painted up 49 US Airborne to complete my full company for D-Day and Carentan, plus 25 more Fallschirmjäger to face off against them for our convention Carentan game. I also finished off 20 German casualty markers (the only good Nazi!) and 21 random Heer that I had laying around waiting for paint. My friend Murph needed some WWII era pulp figures for the game he was running on our table so I painted up 10 of them. That’s 125 of my goal of 350 just for a couple of convention games!

18 feet of board for our annual Bolt Action “D-Day in July” game

Dungeons and Dragons got some love too with 22 civilian NPCs getting painted up, 51 monsters, and 12 small pieces of terrain getting finished too.

Werewolves for D&D and Weird War II

As of this post I have finished off 356 miniatures. This was the first year I set a goal for myself, and I struggled to keep it. I was lucky enough to find enough time to finish the commissions and my own painting, but I’m confident that I can make the same progress in 2020!

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