Thunder and Flash! Nuts! Solo campaign.

One of the reasons I wanted to learn Two Hour Wargames’ system of rules was to play co-op games with my friend Murph. The stars aligned and Murph came down to play a game and catch up, so I picked up the Nuts! campaign Blood on the Risers campaign so we would have something a little more structured than the random learning games I’ve been playing solo. We played through the first scenario and I replayed it again at night.

The campaign begins with my lone lieutenant parachuting into Normandy in the middle of the night on D-Day. A AAA battery and three PEFs are deployed to the table. As my character searches the fields for some equipment bundles the PEFs move on up towards me.

Luck strikes as one of the PEFs resolves into a three man team, armed all with pistols unfortunately but armed at least. We join up and maneuver to hop the hedgerow and explore a field after the PEF turns into a large bundle of Gammon grenades.

An activation roll spawns a paratrooper on the road, an NCO armed with a rifle. not wanting to resolve the PEF by himself he hustles up the road and joins our squad. We maneuver to the opening in the hedgerow and resolve the nearby PEF, hoping it’s some log lost buddies. Of course it’s not and an MG42 team is poised to cover the path into the field, backing up the AAA team.

Taking cover behind the hedges we open up on both enemy groups, throwing grenades at the MG team and frantically firing pistols at the AAA crew. Two grenades hit home wiping out the team as the pistol fire kills two of the four gunners and the rest abandon the flak gun, running for the hills.

My pistol armed men find a bundled .30 cal machine-gun in the nearby field as my character finds what winds up being the third bundle of Gammon grenades so far this game.

A randomly spawned PEF resolves into an unarmed paratrooper nearby as we maneuver to exit the board, following the sound of gunfire to our next objective.

The next scenario will see my squad linking up with nine more paratroopers to assault into the garrison guarding the northern flank of Saint Mere Eglise. We’ve scavenged a .30 cal and a captured MG42 to lend some firepower to the assault. I had some luck with grenades during the first scenario and we have almost two dozen Gammon’s due to some consistent rolling on the scavenging table.

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