Ground Zero Games 25mm New Swabian League figures.

Ground Zero Games is known for two things. 1: Great sculpts, and B: not having photos of those great sculpts. I bought a large collection of their 25mm figures from a guy a couple years ago and just started painting them up for use in Tomorrows War and solo games of 5150 Star Army. The collection isn’t quite complete so I’ve been adding to it from GZG and also just recently contacted Eureka Miniatures to pick up some of their sculpts too. I also just got some new toys for photography, macro extension tubes, and wanted to play around with them so I figured I’d take some photos of these great sculpts.

The sculpts are pretty good, my favorite so far from GZG’s 25mm. The details are well defined and realistic. The sizes, sculpts and quality are pretty consistent across the entire GZG range and match size wise with several other 25mm range including the West End Games Star Wars figures which I should be tackling later this year. The castings I got with the collection were very clean and the new ones I ordered recently have minor and very easily cleaned up flashing.

I generally like more variety in NCO and Officer types, with a clear distinction between them and the regular grunts. There’s one guy holding a data pad and one woman with her helmet off, so I had to use a regular rifleman in a commanding pose to make a third NCO. I’m using difference bases for officers and heavy weapons with these so that will stop any confusion.

There are eight riflemen poses, which gives me enough to make up a platoon and not have a repeat pose within a squad. There’s a good mix of moving and shooting poses, with no weird ones like carrying the rifle by the handle. There is a prone pose listed on the website, but I’m not a fan of prone poses for regular troops.

Four type of heavy weapons with two poses each are available. A rotary machinegun on a gyromount which I will be using as a standard SAW

A four shot missile launcher

A laser sniper rifle

A heavy plasma gun which I’ll use as a multi-purpose anti-personnel/ anti-material weapon

There’s also a kneeling trooper with a laser designator.

I think this guy is supposed to have a plasma gun.

This communications trooper will be part of the platoon’s command squad

There are several poses I don’t have, including the prone rifleman, a casualty, and a kneeling plasma armed trooper.

Overall I’m very happy with how these have turned out. I still need to even out the bases with putty, texture them and then paint them before they’re completely done. Once they’re done I ill be using these as US Marines from the colony of Grissom backing up the Republic of Arden during the fighting on Glory in games of Tomorrows War.

2 thoughts on “Ground Zero Games 25mm New Swabian League figures.”

  1. GZG do fairly well with pics for their 15mm ranges…I think you should send your pics to Jon at GZG…he might use them on his site foe these figures…they are well done, sir!

    1. Definitely send those to GZG. Jon works so hard running his business, it deserves cool pics like yours showcasing his figs! 😎😎😎😎

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