This week’s painting progress.

I’ve had a productive week, especially after not getting a whole lot done in February. I’ve done two platoons of Ground Zero Games 25mm figures, so I wanted a little palette cleanser, Some variety to break up the monotony.

I keep breaking out my livestock for viking raiding games, so I figured I’d actually get more than a couple cows painted up to join my sheep and pigs. The Warlord Games farm animals are 1:56th scale with good detail, but the seams are ridiculous! I tried using the Vallejo Plastic Putty but it just wasn’t enough to fill them. The Pegasus Hobbies cows are mostly one piece, but 1:48th and have some soft details. The scale differences add some variety and I’m not too concerned about the detail level of a cow…

I have some Old Crow 28mm vehicles I ordered from Jez a year or so ago. They’re advertised as 25mm but they’re pretty damned big next to my 25mm figures. I’ve been working on them slower than I should have. The cammo is a simple rattlecan job done with blue painters tape. A simple paint job to go with my simply painted Eisenkern.

Speaking of Eisenkern, these were mostly done but needed the pants repainted and to be based finally, so I finished them up.

I started prepping and testing a paint scheme on some old school metal Steve Jackson Games OGRE minis. I need to order more glue and keep working on the plastics from the Kickstarter.

I also dug these AT-43 crystal formations out of storage while going through boxes. The bases were originally just plain white, so I added a wash and a couple dry brushes of white to give them a little detail.

I’ve also been slowly touching up a huge batch of pulp figures a friend bought last year. Some were dinged up from being shipped from England, some had medicore paint jobs, most of them had the same exact color brown pants… Some only take a couple of minutes worth of work, a couple have been a pain but mostly it’s a quick job.

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