The week of May 3rd, new toys and fixing old mistakes.

The week started off well, adjusig my test paint scheme on my 25mm GZG ESU naval troops and finishing the figures I had primed up. There is a squad left in ‘cold weather capes’ that I need to decide how to make up with stealth camo cloaks. In the Tomorrows War setting the Chinese PLA has access to personal stealth technology so I just need to figure out how to model that on the cloaks.

I finished off 14 of the ESU troops! A fantastic week until I confess that a lot of that work was only finished on Sunday, having started it on Saturday… I’m very satisfied with this urban camo scheme and need to order another batch of the troops to finish off my platoon and bulk out the stealth squad.

Along with the ESU ‘heavy infantry’ that were produced by Eureka I have a large lot of Oceanic Union Defense Force figures that I got a hold of cheap. I painted up a squad several years ago but never wrote down the paint recipe. I started a test scheme using Army Painter’s Army Green as a base and a similar camo pattern to the ESU troops, using a tan and a light grey. I like it and will use these troops to represent a mercenary force in my Tomorrows War games based on Glory.

I started to prep a large squad of Terminator Genisys resistance fighters, wanting to keep going with my urban camo scheme to be able to differentiate between the hordes of humans being cut down by Terminators. Unfortunately for these guys I got a new toy! Amazon shipped me an ultrasonic cleaner a week earlier than they claimed they would! This prompted me to run to my storage facility to grab my 20 year old case of Full Thrust miniatures that were painted poorly. I spent the rest of the week stripping paint off of minis that I either started 20 years ago or just plain painted poorly. This ultrasonic cleaner is magical!

Despite this distraction the week was very productive for painting. Eighteen figures painted! Even with the prep work having been one months ago this is quite an accomplishment for me!

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