Last weeks progress, week of March 15th

Last week, the week of the 15th, was rough. In preparation of what turned into a total lockdown here in NY my wife and I started to transition to working from home. We set up work stations, decided to pull the 2 year old out of daycare and tried to get a routine set up. I carved a spot out in the basement, moved everything around and got to trying to work.

On the modeling front I didn’t get a whole lot finished. I prepped a bunch of 6mm sci-fi stuff, mostly old metal OGRE minis and some Bradley Miniatures I got from Alternative Armies. These guys will be the OpFor for the plastic OGRE minis I still need to order some more glue to finish assembling. Its just a simple brown desert paint job with green unit markings and some greebles picked out in grey and red.

I wrapped up another squad of Eisenkern who needed their pants corrected. I slapped on the Field Grau, flocked away and painted the rims of the bases. Red for leaders (NCO), grey for heavy weapons (LMG and an anti-material rifle), and black for grunts.

Space Germans are easy to paint, when you get the colors right the first time….

I painted a whole bunch of GZG figures before my Litko bases came in, so I’m in the process of epoxying them to the bases, puttying up the bases to even them up with the cast in tabs, and then basing paint and flocking them. Next up is the ESU naval units, which are getting based BEFORE painting this time since it’s a huge PITA to base them later…

Neu Swabian League, ESU ‘heavy’ troops, ESU naval troopers.

I also filled in the gaps from kit bashing some heavy weapons units for my Terminator Genisys resistance troops since I had some putty left over. I have a bunch of these guys laying around waiting to be batch painted.

Machine guns, rockets, and a sniper to help take down Terminators.

A pretty slow week unfortunately for finished figures. Puttying up the bases takes a long time, but they’ll look great once they’re done. I almost have enough of the GZG 25mm figures done to play some solo games of 5150 Star Army now that we’re locked inside until the RonaPocalypse is over. I have a bunch of 6mm figures prepped and I think I’ll be able to knock them out quick wile working from home since a couple minutes waiting for graphics to render is enough time to actually do something with them.

Stay safe people, gamers aren’t exactly known for being in peak physical health and this stuff is looking scary!

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