Dipping into 6mm SciFi

I’ve been tackling a lot of 25mm Sci-Fi figures after doing a lot 28mm WWII Germans, so I felt the need for a palette cleanser. I knocked out some 28mm-ish farm animals to use as objectives in viking raids and moved onto some piles of 6mm Sci-Fi units, some of which I’ve had for decades.

Years ago I picked up the last Steve Jackson Games OGRE designers edition that my FLGS had. I liked the game, played some with my kids before they lost interest and then put it away. Later on when the minis Kickstarters were launched I pledged for the base sets, which still amounts to hundreds and hundreds of plastic minis to assemble and paint. At the same time I picked up a couple of batches of the metal Combine minis to tide me over until Steve Jackson Games gets around to Kickstarting them. I also have an odd assortment of stuff I bought in the 90’s when I thought I was going to play Dirtside, a mix of Battletech, GZG 6mm, Renegade Legion, etc…

It just sits up there, lonely and forgotten…

I started off with the Combine heavy tanks, mounting them to the Litko 25mm hex bases I ordered to use on a variety of projects. I settled on a Desert Yellow color scheme with green unit ID marks and accented some greebles with grey and red.

Combine Ranger heavy tanks

The light GEVs are tiny little minis. They have a tiny little gun above the cockpit and very few other details cast in. They do have a little tab on the bottom that ‘floats’ them on the base though which is neat, I wish that the other hover vehicles they made had the same feature.

Combine Gremlin light GEV units

The missile tanks are full of detail and greebles to paint. I’m a little worried about the tiny connection point between the missile pods on top and the tank body, but we’ll see how they hold up.

Combine Banshee missile tank

I also picked up some Combine hover trucks which I painted up in a generic paint scheme a while back. They still need to be based.

Combine hover trucks

The minis are all great casts, very little flash when there even is any and sharp details on most of them. These are fantastic minis especially considering they’re from the 90’s and early 2000’s. I have a bunch of regular and heavy infantry, standard GEVs, GEV-PCs, mobile howitzer, and light arty drones to prep and base. I don’t know what I’ll use for standard arty though.

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