Weekly progress, April 5th

The beginning of April hit me with some hobby ADD. I started the week working on some more Eisenkern, a third squad plus a command element to finish up a platoon. That didn’t last long though! I also have a longish term project of finishing the basing on three platoons of 25mm GZG figures that wasn’t even touched.

Here they sit, almost done…

Inspired by a Miniature Market sale on an English starter set for Blood and Plunder I broke out my Spanish starter set and started working on them. I primed a whole load of Milicianos. The starter comes with 8, but for some reason I can’t remember I picked up 8 more. I guess I thought they’re a good unit? I started painting 3 of them, and for some reason chose yellow for one. Not gonna make that mistake again unless I’m using my airbrush…

The lucky three…

I quickly moved on to finishing off some 15mm sci-fi that I had started years ago. I had this habit of painting minis up and not finishing the basing. so I have a couple hundred 15mm figures with sand superglued to the bases and not painted. I rounded up a couple of Rebel Minis forces and finished them off. Painted, washed, drybrushed and flocked them over the course of a couple nights. Finally finished a project! Except I didn’t… The Rebel Minis Earth Forces Home Guard are far from done. I have several packs of troopers to paint up and it seems I never painted ANY NCOs. I use them for the conscript DPRG foces, but they should still have some leadership! Thankfully I have a couple of packs of mixed troops for them, so as soon as I can get some more bases I’ll start working on them.

Rebel Minis Earth Force Home Guard

I have a little more than a platoon of Titan Marines done up, but I picked up a whole bunch more at some point including a pack of Mortars. The Marines are used as elite DPRG troopers in my Tomorrows War games so a heavy weapon would be a nice addition.

Rebel Minis Titan Marines.

I also pulled out a couple dozen of Khurasan mini’s Space Demons. These were some of the first minis I painted, and I wasn’t quite up to the task of painting solid black figures. I drybrushed over the gloss black paint jobs with a couple of greys and finally a very light drybrush of a real light grey to pick up the head ridges and tail bones and then finished the bases. I love these minis and now that I have an easy paint scheme I think I’ll pick up a couple more packs to give me a real horde of terror!

I also prepped some 6mm OGRE infantry. It’ll be the first time I paint 6mm infantry so I’m crossing my fingers. These might be the sacrificial lambs where I learn what not to do!

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