Progress for the ACTUAL week of April 5th…

Somehow I can’t read a calendar and labeled last week’s post wrong… THIS week of April 5th saw me shake off the hobby ADD I started the month with. I finished off one project, three test pieces for Blood and Plunder and continues to expand my 6mm forces.

Late last year I bought a large collection of Dreamforge Games Eisenkern soldiers. Half of them were assembled well enough but not even primed, the other half were on sprues still. I gathered a platoons worth of assembled figures, fixing a couple of them or adding bits, and started painting them up in a simple ‘Space Germans’ scheme. I had one squad left, plus the command element, to finish my first platoon. There’s enough figures left to eventually paint up a full three platoon company plus support weapons, powered armor and a battlemech if I want to continue.

A reinforced company worth of plastic.

I’ve had a Spanish starter box sitting around for almost two years from Blood and Plunder waiting to for me to do something with it. Miniature Market had a sale on the English starter box that I couldn’t resist grabbing so I figured I’d grab some figures and do a couple test paint schemes. I wasn’t smart with the yellow though, and if I paint any more yellow outfits they will be done by airbrush with a nice light grey undercoat to make my job easier. I like these figures, although I’m not in love with the cast in bases.


I’m continuing my 6mm force by sticking with the Steve Jackson Games OGRE metal Combine infantry. I’ve never painted 6mm infantry but I wanted to keep the same simple approach that I did with the vehicles. I primed with Army Painted Desert Yellow primer, picked out the backpack with a darker brown, and then drybrushed over the whole model with Skeleton Bone. I picked out the shoulder pads with red, the guns with Charcoal, and the power hoses with Rain Grey. The helmet visors, or where I though they were, got a dab of light blue so it pops. I washed over this with a black/brown wash and called it day. I normally highlight after wash but I was not trying to highlight single details on these tiny tiny troops. I like the result, and at 3 feet they will look fine.

Simple paint job for tiny soldiers.

While waiting for washes to dry on Thursday I painted a photo backdrop for my light tent. Unfortunatly it rained that afternoon and there is a big streak down the sky. I’m not sure if I’ll redo it, we’ll see if it shows up in photos.

Nice to have an option other than white…

I was also struck by inspiration when a fellow by the name of Jordan Roberts posted photos of his Konflict 47 Germans with flaming skull heads, among other custom figures he made. I’ve been wanting to start doing a little bit of sculpting with greenstuff and this seems like a perfect opportunity.

Other prepping I did included some 15mm battletech mechs, and 15mm Armies Army British sci-fi troops that need their bases finished.

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