The week of April 26th, wrapping up a good month!

April wound up being a good month overall, with significant progress! I finished the equivalent of 44 more 28mm figures towards my goal of 350. I’m also 2 figures away from completing the commission of a German WWII army for a friend!

This week I worked on a couple of test color schemes for 25mm Ground Zero Games figures. I wasn’t happy with the last time I attempted an urban camo pattern, so I took another shot at it I’m fairly pleased with this first batch of figures, the only change I made on the next batch was painting the guns darker which helps them stand out against the grey armor plates.

Ground Zero Games ESU naval figures and a Proxie Models pre-fab building.

I put in an order to Proxie Models which was delivered in three days, one of them being a Sunday which was impressive. One of the pieces I wanted to get was their pre-fab 28mm building. I wanted to practice some chipping techniques on these also, so I tried both the salt method and the hairspray method on one of these and Reaper shipping container. The finished pre-fab can be seen in the above picture.

Advertising photo from

A project at work has kept me from finding the time to take too many pictures, but we’re finished so I hope to make up for it this coming week.

Overall I’m very satisfied with my progress and I’m looking forward to finishing those ESU troops and start playing some 5150 Star Army!

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