Meager progress for the week of April 19th.

After a couple weeks of good progress I slowed down on chipping away at the lead pile. I finished one single piece that had no paint on it when the week started from my own collection, and a fist full of figures that were half finished and sitting around for two years.

What I did do was almost complete a commission of Germans from a friend. I am a slow commission painter, which is why I only take commissions from friends. This one was a large German army with over 60 figures and half a dozen vehicles and had several pieces added mid commission, but it still took me about 6 months to finish. Clearly not the kind of speed to satisfy a customer I don’t know. I was down to 20 guys when the month started, and I’ve been banging out 6ish a week. The last NCOs are half done right now with just a MMG team left to build and paint and Chris will have a full force to march in front of my Americans.

I’ve had a Miniature Market Tiny Terrain communications dish for a while now. It was time to get some paint on it. I plan on using it as an objective piece. I tried to do hazard stripes on the support legs for the first time, I need some more practice…

Resin communications terrain piece from Miniature Market.

We do a yearly D-Day in July Bolt Action scenario game with six to eight players, we’ve put a lot of work into the terrain boards and forces. I picked up several Higgins boats with gunners and never finished the gunners. So it was time to put some paint on them. I knew that they should be in blue uniforms because they’re naval or Coast Guard sailors, but I had a hard time finding out the color of their life vests. I finally found some colorized photos showing the life vests and green/drab. I didn’t like the way that just blended into the greys and blues of the gunners and the boat, so I painted them yellow.

Higgins boat gunners providing cover fire.

Not a very productive week unfortunately.

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