Progress for the week of April 10th.

This week was a good week, with a wide range of progress. I’ve tackled miniatures, work projects, block progress and YouTube progress, although I’ve slipped in my Instagram posting mostly because of the work project.

I finished up 10 Terminator Genisys resistance fighters in a similar urban camo paint scheme that I’ve been working on for the GZG figures. I’m not entirely satisfied with the paint jobs but it pulled together a little more after the ink was so I’m going to call them done and put them in the storage box. They’re just going to get cut down in droves by the terminators anyways.

The Resistance fields a heavy weapons squad to take out some toasters!

I also finished up 10 Rebel Minis Earth Force Homeguard figures. While I was going through my bins of minis to sort things out I came cross hundreds of painted 15mm figures with bases that were never finished. I slowly painted and flocked most of them but when I got to the Earth Force Homeguard I realized that I had never painted any NCOs or officers for the force. I did have a pack each of the NCOs, heavy weapons and regular riflemen though waiting to be done. So this week I prepped and based them all and started painting. I’ll fit them in over the next couple of weeks and then start on the Titan Marines I found too.

A couple of squads of Rebel Minis Earth Force Homeguard ready to put forth a heroically mediocre fight..

I started working on two dropships for my 6mm ‘Brown Force’, an armed dropship from Bradley Miniatures and one unarmed lander from the GZG Dirtside line now carried by Demonscape. The lander was my first real experience filling gaps with Greenstuff and I’m not entirely satisfied but it’ll pass the three foot rule.

reinforcements incoming!

As I started stripping my Full Thrust minis from decades ago I decided I wanted to scratch build a space station to go with it. I pulled together a bunch of bits and plasticard as I cleaned up the basement and organized and built up a listening post over the week. It’s been primed and will be painted in a couple weeks when I get around to repainting my UNSC force from GZG.

UNSC listening station Amlodipine-50

On the work front I finished up troubleshooting a big video project which was taking up my entire gaming table for a week. We’re figuring out how to stream a presentation which we would usually have 50 people packed into a room for. The upside is I get to use my actual degree and play around with gear I can’t afford normally! This project was a big part of what finally pushed me to start the YouTube channel. So now I just need to develop a workflow for editing and publishing video content and I’ll be up and running for real!

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