GZG 25mm ESU figures for Tomorrows War

Part of the collection of Ground Zero Games Stargrunt figures I picked up included a platoon of Eurasian Solar Union ‘Naval’ figures. These come in two uniforms, one with helmets and hard chest armor and a smaller selection with the same uniforms and added ‘cold weather capes’. I’ve decided to use these as my Democratic Peoples Republic of Glory regular troops and the cold weather capes as stealth camo capes acquired through the backing of China late in the Second Glory War.

The sculpts were done by Kev White and hold up very well for their age. I ordered some extras from Ground Zero Games recently and the casts are just as clean as the 20 year old ones I have. They are full of sharp details and are consistent in size with the rest of the Stargrunt line and with the WEG Star Wars figures I have.

There are fewer riflemen poses than I would like due to the cold weather cape poses, but there are still enough that there won’t be any duplicates within a squad. I’ve painted them in a light blue urban camo pattern, after several different attempts at this camo scheme I’m finally satisfied with these guys and have used a variation of it on another GZG 25mm force that I’ll show later on.

The Stargrunt line usually has a number of squad support weapon options, but the ESU Naval units only seem to have SAWs and shoulder fired missile launchers. The DPRG forces are technologically, and politically, restricted so only having a SAW in squads and an anti-tank missile at the platoon level is fitting. Dear Leader is too cheap and paranoid to hand out plasma cannons to everyone. I like the t-shirt clad SAW gunner, she’s full of character while still having two normal gunners to fill out the squads.

There is a decent selection of NCO types, four regular troops and one in a cape. Some of the GZG lines only have one or two obvious (pointing or using a communicator) NCO types, so a selection is nice. Even better is the fact that only one is a copy with a head swap.

There are two support type troops, one using a radio and one kneeling spotter intended to be used as an loader/assistant with the heavy weapons packs I haven’t bought yet. I wish they had a figure carrying ammo cans like the other ESU line, but you can’t have everything I guess..

Overall I’m very happy with this line from Ground Zero Games. There is a nice selection of troops, with the exception of the cold weather cape figures only having rifle armed troops. The sculpts are good, the new castings I received were still nice clean casts despite what I’m assuming are older barely used molds. Service from GZG is always great even with these cast on demand items and the prices are very good especially with the conversion rate these days from US Freedom Dollars to the British pound.

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