Progress for the week of June 7th.

Well this is really about a months worth of progress it seems. The ‘Rona caught up and some other family crisis’s slowed me down for a couple weeks. I was making some slow progress but I didn’t finish anything until this past week where I made some good progress.

I finished off ten more of Rebel Miniatures Earth Force Home Guard troops, leaving only about 15 more before I’m finished with that particular lead pile and move on to the Rebel Minis Titan Marines.

I had been slowly working on a load of old Ground Zero Games 25mm vehicles that are now produced by Demonscape, and I finished up the highlights and varnish this past week too. Seven hover vehicles will join the ranks of my NAC/Repubic of Arden troops.

I completed a batch of ten test figures for my colonial militia from Ground Zero Games. They’ll no longer be bare metal in my solo game AARs.

I started working on some test pieces for Full Thrust. Ravager rim pirates in an ominous red paint scheme that took me a couple tries to find a method that not only looked good but didn’t drive me nuts completing. One test piece for GZG’s Crusty fleet. I finished the week off with a couple of civilian ships and satellites from Brigade Models.

It sounds like a lot for one week, but the truth is except for the starships they had all been worked on slowly for two weeks or more and I just put the finishing touches on this week. Hopefully I’m back in the regular routine this week!

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