Peoples Liberation Army. First Glory War solo campaign.

The First Glory War commences as the Peoples Republic of China lands troops on Glory in a bid to cement their claim on the newly settled garden world. A company worth of light mechanized troops, plus logistical support, lands near what will eventually become the Republic of Arden. The forces were hastily assembled from the 11th Stellar Intervention Division which had just stood down from a seven year long suppression of a rebellion on their colony world Zhuang. Although the war on Glory was short and only included a handfull of major actions it did see the first use of Armored Fighting Suits in the last days of the war.

Peoples Liberation Army

  • Troop Quality: D8-D10
  • Morale: D6-D10
  • Confidence: Low to Confident
  • Supply Quality Level: Poor to Normal
  • Overall Tech Level: TL2, elite formations are TL3
  • Armor: Standard Type-4 soft body armor offers 1D protection.

The average rifleman in the PLN carries the QBZ-400, a direct clone of the AK-400 produced by the Neo-Soviet Federation on Moskova. Their soft body armor is equipped with video and audio communications so they can be monitored by their superiors at all times.

NCOs and non-political appointed officers are normally outfitted identically to their regular line troops, with standard armor and battle rifles.

QBZ-400 Battle Rifle: This clone of the traditional slug throwing assault rifle produced by the Neo-Soviet Federation would be familiar to soldiers through the known universe going back to the 20th century. The simple and robust design has been improved over the centuries with stronger materials, more advanced caseless ammunition, and designed to be manufactured localy on colony words across the stars.

Every PLA squad is assigned a QBB-350 SAW, intended to provide covering fire and allow a maneuver element to out flank the enemy. It’s belt fed caseless ammunition allows the operator to carry a surprising amount of ammunition

QBB-350 Squad Automatic Weapon (TL2 TST, Lt. AP:1): The QBB-350 is a Chinese designed gyro-harness supported machine gun designed to use the same caseless ammunition as the QBZ-400. Just like the QBZ/AK-400 it is designed to be as idiot proof as possible and require little maintenance and training to operate.

At the platoon level the HJ-99 is assigned as an anti-tank asset. This man-portable fire and forget missile is equally useful against vehicles an soft targets.

HJ-99 missile launcher (TL2, Med AP:2/AT2(M)): This shoulder fired, magazine fed missile launcher is effective against armored vehicles and both hard and soft static targets.

Additional platoon level assets include comms officers and forward artillery observers .

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