Cranking up production in the shipyard!

I’ve been on a Full Thrust kick lately despite not having played in probably 20 years! I’ve picked up a number of collections from Ebay and facebook groups and I’m filling out some areas with orders from Jon at GZG.

So far I have four-ish factions laying around. I have a sizable UNSC fleet almost all built and a I’m testing out a paint scheme, I have an NSL fleet that needs more assembly, A Crusty fleet that needs assembly, and an old school Kr’Vak fleet assembled and on the work bench now plus a new Kra-Vak fleet that is partially assembled and needs more models to flesh it out. I also have a pirate ‘fleet’ but it’s so few ships that I finished half the fleet just working out the paint scheme on four test-ships so its hard to count that as a full fleet.

I’ve started on the old sculpts for the NSL. Part of the narrative in my universe setting, and what will be the first solo game I test out, will be a pirate clan raiding a scrap yard receiving a delivery of some decommissioned ships, so my first test pieces will be painted up and have some ‘flair’ added to them.

I want my Kra’Vak to have a distinct alien appearance, something appropriate to a warrior culture. So I’m starting off with an almost neon green here. I’m going to add some bright red patches and I think tiger strips in the green. They’re not trying to hide (not that you can hide in space anyways), they’re announcing who they are so any survivors can tell their story!

I’ve primed and finished one test piece for my Crusty fleet also. Like the Kra’Vak I wanted their ships to have an alien look to them, but not as extreme as the Kra’Vak. They’re not looking to advertise themselves, they just have different tastes. I’ve also used these ships to test my barrel clasp flight stand connection I stole from another full thrust site.

The pirates have gotten a dark and foreboding red paint scheme which also happens to be pretty easy to paint since the base of it is airbrushed red with a couple of dry brushes over it.

I’ve done up a couple civilian ships too in between other things, which I’ve posted before.

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