June 21st, a week of new techniques and mistakes…

This past week wraps up a very productive month of June, I’ve been tracking my progress throughout the year on my painting log page here.

I’ve been working on my Full Thrust fleets and one of the fleets I’ve picked up in trade and on Ebay is a fairly large Kra’Vak fleet. Being an alien warrior race I wanted to emphasize their zeal and lust for battle with some garish paint jobs. I’ve been contemplating using inks through my airbrush for awhile now and I just got my hands on a Badger Renegade Krome .21mm airbrush so it was the perfect time. I chose a lime green and bright red paint scheme, with the red being airbrushed ink over a white ink base. I was satisfied with my first attempts and continued onto the wash. Well that is when I discovered that the ink will just reactivate and run unless you seal it before washing. Thankfully I only had to strip six destroyers and redo them. Seven other capital ships got finished this week.

An aging Kra’Vak battlecruiser task force.

I also painted up a group of old school GZG NSL ships as a test scheme. I went with a classic mix of German WWII colors, with details picked out in lighter grey.

A Neu Swabian League heavy carrier and it’s escorts relegated to anti-pirate duty.

The heavy carrier was a huge pain to assemble. It’s multiple pieces with few real contact points and I wound up using putty, epoxy, pins, brass rod, and super glue. I’m not too experienced with the Green Stuff putty, but I’m satisfied with the assembly and paint job. It looks great at tabletop distance.

I almost resorted to using a nail gun on these bastards.

One of the projects I was working on with these ships was using jewelry barrel clasps to attach the stands to the models. I was worried that the NSL SDN was going to be too heavy but it seems to be fine. I think I have a system down now after 10 or so stands done. This also allows me to use different stands as needed, I think I’ll make a multi-ship base for the smaller strike craft.

GZG Crusty ships with barrel clasp stand attachments.

I put in a couple orders to fill out my platoons of 25mm GZG Stargrunt figures, since most of the platoon packs don’t have enough riflemen for my Tomorrows War platoon. I finished my last batch of 10 Colonial Militia, keeping them mostly uniform and mixing up their pouches and suspenders a little to simulate the haphazard nature of outfitting civilians.

Only flocking left to do.

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