Week of June 28th, great progress for the start of July.

I set out this past week to finish off two forces, and start two more. I had the last of my ESU naval troops to finish up in their urban camo, and the last six destroyers for my Kra’Vak fleet that I accidentally washed off the red ink from. I also wanted to start my 15mm GZG Colonial Militia troops and the 15mm murder robots from The Scene that I had to strip the poor paint jobs off of and rebase.

I wanted to paint the robots a metallic red. After seeing a couple of videos on YouTube out maxing your own metallic pants I gave it a try. Unfortunately the robots turned out a pink Pepto-Bismol-ish color that I was most definitely not pleased with. So I took this as an opportunity to test a couple things out since I couldn’t find a metallic red paint I was satisfied with. We’ll see how it turns out and I’ll strip them again and use the best method.

The 15mm Colonia Militia figures turned out a lot better. I used the same paint scheme as the 25mm figures, adjusting a tiny bit to boost the contrast for the smaller figures. They turned out great I think and I’ll start on the second pack of them next week.

I finished off the ESU naval troops, with the exception of some heavy weapons that haven’t figured out how I want to base. This will bring me up to a full three squad platoon with a little bit left over for any support elements like anti-tank teams or forward observers.

I got almost all the way done with the six destroyers, finishing two of them, but I was distracted by deciding to highlight the whole fleet slightly differently and going back to ‘fix’ the larger ships which were competed. The final touches will be done this week and I’ll start on the last ship, the super dreadnaught!

In between thee projects I started slapping some paint on the last of my NSL troops, which will be used as US Marines in the Tomorrows War campaigns. The paint job is pretty simple so it was easy to knock it out in pieces while waiting for stuff to dry.

I have the bases let to flock on the NSL and Colonial Militia, but I tend to do that in batches and then airbrush on some AK Interactive Ultra Matte. So they’ll sit for a week probably and get done with a couple dozen other figures.

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