Painting scheme for GZG 25mm ESU Heavy infantry.

In an effort to stop losing my painting recipes I’m going to start posting them here!

Ground Zero Games produced the ESU ‘Heavy’ infantry units in a partnership with Eureka Miniatures. They’re still available through Nic at Eureka on special order, and I’m about to finish off my platoon with the batch I ordered from him a month or so ago.

I’ve based them on Litko 25mm/1 inch bases using my standard basing scheme: round bases for riflemen, square bases for special weapons, hex’s for command elements and some platoon/company level assets. I use their flexsteel base toppers/inserts for long term storage in my magnetized tupperwear tubs.

I prime these models with Army Painter’s Army Green spray primer. They’re more expensive but I find the coverage is pretty good and the matched paint speeds up my painting a great deal.

I use a custom black ink wash on most parts of the mini, and either Army Painter or Reaper flesh wash on skin tones.

The uniform tunics are Army green, with a back wash and then drybrushed with Vallejo German Camo Bright Green and a second very light highlight using Americana Irish Moss

Pants are basecoated with German Camo medium brown, black ink washed, and then drybrushed with Army Painter Desert Yellow

Helmets are base coated with Vallejo German Camo Dark Green, washed, and then drybrushed with Arm Green.

My standard weapon painting is a basecoat of Ceramacoat Charcoal, ink wash, and drybrush with Ceramacoat Hippo Grey and occasionaly another very light dryvrush of either Ceramacoat Rain Grey or the lighter Grey Sky.

Boots are black with a drybrush of Ceramacoat Charcoal

Webbing, packs, and pouches are basecoated with Vallejo USA Olive Drab (70.889, not to be confused by US Olive Drab 70.887), washed, and drybrushed with a 50/50 mix of Olive Drab and Vallejo German Camo Medium Brown.

Flesh tones are mixed, with some being Vallejo and Reaper skin tones and some darker complexions being a mix of browns and tans. I wash with either an Army Painter or Reaper skin wash, skipping the skin portions with my custom black in wash.

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