GZG 25mm Partisans/resistance fighters

I picked up a bunch of Ground Zero Games’ 25mm armed civilians from their lines to supplement the Stargrunt Colonial Militia. I’m slowly working my way through them as I batch paint several armies. The first set that I finished are the Partisans, a set of three armed civilians that I’ve done up as two riflemen and one squad support weapon.

SL-25 Partisans/resistance fighters pack 

Despite the age of the molds these casts were very clean, with minimal clean up. Being civilians they’re not loaded with gear and armor, so there’s not a load of details to be painted up. The three are armed with one carbine, one SMG, and a rotary barrel machine gun. To keep things simple I’m counting the SMG as a rifle.

These guys will add some character and variety to my Colonial Militia forces, which is good since they have a limited number of riflemen poses.

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