GZG 25mm Colonial Militia.

With my solo campaign centering around the invasion of a newly colonized planet I wanted to have some believable militia/national guard. Thankfully GZG has a great line that fits in with my existing 25mm collection.

The Colonial Milita could easily double as corporate security if you leave out the old veterans and crazy hair.

A batch of militia on the table.

Like most of Ground Zero Game’s 25mm line the Colonial Milita are a series of mostly mono-pose metal minis. They’re dressed uniformly, without armor, in overalls and baseball caps.

The sculpts are the same high quality I’ve come to expect from GZG. Some of the molds are showing their age, with several figures taking a little more clean up than I would have liked. I’m no expert with a file and hobby knife but they cleaned up pretty well and after a paint job you can’t even see where the extra flash was.

The set includes three obvious leaders plus a medic. I’ve used a scout as an NCO also, we all know that NCOs are always either pointing or looking at things. The old man with the pipe and the beer belly NCO are full of character.

The support options are limited, one SAW, one shoulder fired missile and one sniper that is not pictured.

There are unfortunately only six rifle poses, which at least means there won’t be any duplicates within a squad. Thankfully I’ll be able to fill out the squads with some of the various armed civilians that GZG makes, they are just a militia after all…

Just like it says on the box, these guys are going to represent the militia groups forced to defend their own lands. They will be low quality troops with little integral support, represented by only one SAW and missle launcher option. Most of these civilians have simple mass produced rifles and no combat experience. The lucky ones have had time to practice with their weapons or are law enforcement, but none have had to stand their ground against battle hardened troops fresh from suppressing their own citizens on the colony world of Zhuang.

The lack of poses means that any large engagement will either have lots of duplicates or need to be supplemented with other forces. For my First Glory War campaign they will be backed up by a mercenary company which will be represented by the Oceanic Union Defense Forces from GZG, and in the last stages of the War the US Marines will land in their hard armor to stop the PRC power armor, represented by the 25mm NSL figures from GZG.

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