Painting progress for the week of August 2nd.

This was a rough week. Storms, power outages, sick family, construction at our apartment. I got done as much as I thought I was going to and then some, but it was more like mechanical movements than an escape and meditation. This coming week isn’t looking much better, but I want to play around with video and YouTube a little more so I’m keeping the painting expectations down.

I’ve been on a 6mm kick for some reason. I’ve rarely played any 6mm but they’re quick to knock out and cheap to buy so in the scheme of things it’s cheaper than a movie…

I picked up some Old Crow 6mm figures and buildings a couple months ago with an order of 28mm vehicles. They’re good figures, even if there are too many shoulder fired missile launchers in the selection. I’m still figuring out how I want to paint my 6mm up, so cheap is a good quality. I painted and based up 40 of them this week, adding to two bases full I did last week.

Contact front Hans!

I’ve had this commission job sitting here for a long time due to the pandemic, and I got to the point where I needed to paint three figures to finish it and then figure out how to get it to my friend. One figure needs to be assembled, but the machinegun team was ready to go.

You have twenty seconds to comply…

Not wanting to only paint two figures in a paint scheme I tacked on three 25mm GZG security guards. These will be added to my Colonial Militia forces to give them a little character. These guys are clearly not well fed, so their squad mates better keep track of their MREs.

Just a touch of rust on the weapons for this batch.

I also have this slow project where I’m taking the warlord Germans I’ve had for a while who’s arms and weapons have broken off and I’m converting them to demon soldiers for our yearly (not this year!) Weird War Two game. Four more creatures got added to the force. Two with assault rifles, one with a machinegun, and one with a flaming axe. They all have skull heads from the Games Workshop skull box. I don’t know what the alien ones are, but they sure do look cool!

I also did a couple of videos this week, aside from my WIP Wednesday video.

On my last order from Ground Zero Games I picked up the Neu Swabian League Panzer Grenadiers in 15mm and 6mm so I could have them in all three scales. I posted a short video to YouTube comparing them all.

I finally found a video editor I liked that fits into my budget and tried my hand at putting together a video review and painting tutorial for my 25mm Colonial Militia. As always I didn’t shoot enough B-Roll but I put this all together in one afternoon so I’ll pretend that’s a good excuse.

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