Weekly progress for the week of April 12th.

I started of the week with a short list of models to paint. I wanted to start on my Tehnolog Battletech force and paint up some of the Beyond the Gates of Antares Ghar battlesuits, not that I know what to use them for since I don’t play the actual game.

The more I use them the more I like the Army Painter matched primers and paint. They’re not cheap but they speed up my painting progress quite a bit, and these days the time is more important to me. I used the Wolf Grey and decided on a french Caunter camo inspired paint scheme for both the Ghar and the mechs. Painting them together helped get them finished pretty quick, by the time I finished going down the production line with one color the first model was dry and ready for the next.

Primed, camo airbrushed on, ready for the paintbrush!

When I started on Saturday I was a little worried that I would be finished quickly. I decided to finish the basing and some retouching on the Armies Army space British that I had uncovered in a tub of 15mm stuff too. Mother nature had different plans for me unfortunately. A storm came through, knocked down a bunch of trees and we lost power for two days. I did manage to get some sculpting done with greenstuff on my flaming undead Nazi’s, but no painting got done until Thursday..

I made pretty quick work of the mechs, unfortunatly they have few details and what they have is pretty shallow. I spent a lot more time on the Ghar battle suits and really like the way they turned out. They’re packed with detail and easy to paint. My favorite is the clearly Matrix inspired heads, complete with tentacle beards. I also finished basing the space British, painting, washing, and flocking their bases and even hitting them with a good matte varnish. I need to pick up a couple dozen more regular riflemen though to flesh out the force, I’ll have about two platoons worth at that point. Somehow I managed to get twice as many NCOs and heavy weapons than I needed for a single platoon.

Halfway through painting…

Up next week are Germans. I need to finish off a bunch of SMG guys for a commission and the demon Nazi’s I sculpted up. I think I’ll wind up getting 15-20 done this coming week, painting uniforms really speeds up the batch painting. I’m also going to prep up some plastic Silent Death fighters for the pirate OpFor I’m working on. I’m expecting a package from HLJ.com any day now with more capital ships.

A destroyer turned auxiliary carrier and a frigate.

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